Slime Vollyball

I’ll open with a gameplay video. I expect I’ll never agree with those who say books are better than movies…

That’s me playing myself in this little game that I wrote a while back. It’s actually a clone of an old game that I used to play in high-school. It looks slow and laggy, but that’s just the video recorder not keeping up.

I added in the fluid effects to give it some personal touch.
My friend Jef wrote the music and recorded the sound effects:

The total time to make it was probably about a day.

Technical stuff:
It’s written in about 1000 lines of C++ using OpenGL for rendering, and FMOD for audio.
The fluid simulation is based on this paper:

My current plans for this may include:

  • A linux / mac port
  • Improved graphics and bug fixes
  • Online multiplayer
  • An android / iphone app

I have only tested this on windows 7 (64 bit). However, it should work on any version of windows. After downloading, see the readme for controls and other information.

Download Here

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