Gemini Library

So, I’ve been getting various emails and posts regarding the library / source code for the Gemini Demo.

My plan is to make a separate page / website for Gemini, where I’ll put up the static library for various platforms. I don’t want to release the source code publicly, but I will release it privately with some negotiable licencing terms.

In addition, I will be reviving an old project called GMPhysics. It was a library for a program called GameMaker. The last version of GMPhysics was based off of PhysX (then NovodeX) now owned by NVidia. The upcoming release will be based off of Gemini.

GMPhysics got very popular before I had to leave it to deal with some other life stuff. If you’re interested, here is the original forum post. I almost can’t believe how long ago that was, and how popular the topic has gotten (2,600 replies and 600,000 views)!

I also googled it, and it seems there are even a few youtube videos about it. It’s quite flattering…

I’ll post more (pictures / videos / demos) on the old GMPhysics library soon, and I’ll keep everyone up to date on Gemini.

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