Gemini Physics Development 0: Getting Started

I was going to release the library used in the Gemini Physics Test Bed demo, but I’ve decided to go further than that.

I’m going to start a new engine based around all that I’ve learned over the years, and make it the go-to solution for 2D physics simulation.


Firstly, I just flat out love this stuff. Secondly, indie and mobile games are quickly becoming a very large part of the games market. I’m convinced that the mobile market in particular is going to really soar in the coming years. This means that people are going to want to start making high quality games. Due to interface and hardware limitations, the primary types of games created here are going to be 2D, at least for a while.

People could use one of the many great physics engines out there right now today. But, if I were developing the next hit game, I would want features that simply are not available in any of the current solutions. This is the problem the I want to solve with the introduction of Gemini Physics.

I have already started development, and it’s looking promising. I will post eye candy as I add features to the engine, all the way up to its first release.

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