GPU List Class for C#

I was doing some GPU compute testing and I realized that it was quite painful to actually get data on to the GPU. I ended up spending most of the time just trying to copy some data over. So, I finally broke and wrote up a C# IList<T> implementation that is fully GPU backed. It fully implements the interface, and makes it very easy to get data on and off the GPU.

It’s easier to explain what I mean by just looking at some usage code. This is a basic GPU particle system, with all the data transfer totally encapsulated inside the GPUList.

It is not implemented to be super fast, rather super convenient. So if you ever want to do a GPU compute test using SlimDX, but don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of data management, this class could be useful for you.

You can get the Visual Studio project and source here: Download GPUList Project

You’ll need Visual Studio 2010, and the latest release of SlimDX.

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