My name is Chris.

I spend much of my time learning things and trying to figure stuff out. The rest of the time I spend building things. My passion is in designing new systems and creating theories about the world, followed by breaking them down and then starting over. Starting over is the best.

I currently work as a software engineer, but my real interests lay in starting my own game company. My current pet project is Gemini Physics, a next generation physics engine for use in games and simulation.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Chris,

    we are an indie development team making games for iOS and Android. Your Gemini physics is very impressive and you mentioned that a static library will be available to use it. We would like to try your lib in our game prototypes and wondering if you release an iOS version or the source of Gemini?

    Very impressive work!

    DogByte Games

  2. So yeah, in the next week or so i’ll be putting up the library and some other stuff on a dedicated website. I’ll let everyone know when its ready.

    Also, best of luck with your games, they look really awesome! I’m working on getting into the indie game business myself.

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