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Gemini Physics Development 2: Android Proof of Concept

The other day I started on Gemini Physics, and have been making great progress since then.

I fixed several small issues, and started making the c++ interface pretty. But most importantly, I got it running on android! That may not be very exciting for some, but its an accomplishment for me since it’s the first time that I’ve messed around with the NDK before. I can’t get over how painless the process was…

The NDK is basically a tool-chain that allows you to run native C/C++ code on android. Many programmers know that most android development is in Java. For Gemini, I didn’t want to use Java because I need every ounce of performance from the device, and because it’s already in C++. Why port to another language?

The new NDK is very easy to use. You can develop with it without ever touching java, and you can do it on windows without cygwin.

If you want to make your own NDK based applications, you need the Android SDK, NDK, and either Eclipse or Ant. After you have those, follow “Exploring the native-activity sample application” tutorial at the bottom of the NDK download page.

Next on the list is friction and rigid body constraints.